Pablo is a penguin. A penguin who likes cars. And stealing. Stealing cars. He uses these stolen cars to transport certain types of goods wanted by certain types of people to certain places that the police, ahem, cops, may or may not necessarily approve of.

You wanna work for Pablo? You gotta prove yourself. Strap in, hit that gas pedal, and get delivering!

Short Story

Pablo is much more than just a character in a videogame. Below you'll find a short story written by Stephanie Millar about Pablo, his gang, and his car thieving ways. Download the short story here!

How to Play

See this right here? This is your car. It's freshly stolen so be careful with it.

If your car takes too much damage, your getaway is kaput and you're "busted." Don't get busted! Pablo doesn't let losers into his gang.

Collect crates like this one:

And deliver them to the drop points:

This is a standard cop. They follow you like gnats and try to ram you. Don't let 'em.

This is a SWAT van. They follow you too, but a bit slower than cops. They can take more damage and sometimes drop spikes that slow you down if you run them over. ¬°Cuidado!

Get the highest score you can. If Pablo wants you in his gang, you'll know. You'll know.


Download the game file from itch.io and follow these instructions to upload the file to your Arduboy. You can also play the game in an emulator on the itch.io page.

Copyright © 2018 Jesse and Stephanie Millar. All rights reserved.